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The Maximus Why

‘The Maximus’ is much more than a shoe. It represents a way of life and it represents the qualities of resilience, integrity, and industry. When you purchase ‘The Maximus’ you’ll be getting more than just footwear. You’ll become a part of something greater. We want you to be inspired, we want you to be part of a community that believes that ‘the only easy day was yesterday’ and we want you to be part of a group of people who constantly challenges themselves to improve.




The Maximus is a result of extensive collaboration with Bobby Maximus, the General Manager, Training Director, and Lead Seminar Instructor at Gym Jones, an elite, Tier 1, strength and conditioning facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Maximus is a lightweight cross-trainer built to withstand the heavy weightlifting abuse MacDonald inflicts on a regular basis. With a 65 shore EVA outsole, this shoe is built for deadlifts, squats, and cleans, yet still shines in sprints and multidirectional movements. The Maximus features fully articulated mid-foot support for dynamic fit, anatomical lacing system, the LALO OCF Fit System, ceramic-coated SUPER FABRIC™ toecap, Anti Inversion Technology, a higher density, stiffer shore EVA for lifting oriented workouts and unique cleaver patterned outsole PODs for increased traction on the gym floor.

Product Features Anti-Inversion Technology – expanded platform under the arch area of the foot. Ceramic-coated SUPER FABRIC™ toecap Unique cleaver pattern outsole PODs for increased traction on the gym floor High density, stiffer shore EVA for lifting oriented workouts Rocker toe profile for efficiency during squat movements


Anywhere Bobby Maximus says..

Color: Max Black
Weight: 8.3 oz (based on a women's size 10)
Drop: 5mm active drop

NOTE: Check your Maximus shoe box carefully. You may be the winner of one of five randomly distributed Maximus Challenge Coins. If your shoebox includes a coin, and, if you choose to accept the challenge, Bobby invites you an all expense paid trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, where you will attend ‘The LALO Athlete Warrior Experience’ with Maximus himself.) When you order a Grinder, order it one 1/2 size larger than you would normally order your athletic shoes. 


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