LWTS Light Weapon Thermal Sight


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The Light Weapon Thermal Sight (LWTS) is an extremely versatile thermal imaging solution.  This clip-on system mounts in front of your day optics and allows you to view your reticle over the thermal image.  In addition, it can be used as a handheld observation tool or mounted by itself as a stand-alone weapon sight.  The thermal imaging capability of the LWTS allows for long-wave infrared observation and target identification under adverse conditions including, light rain, smoke, light snow and low light to total darkness.

  • 640x480 17 micron resolution
  • Real-time video in/out for remote viewing
  • Image and video capture for download to PC

Product Details

6.7” x 3.6” x 3.9” (170 x 91x 99 mm)

1.85 lb (839 g) with batteries

Battery Power:
Four AA lithium batteries

Battery Life:
Approx. 10 hours at nominal settings and room temp.

Field of View:
14.8 Horizontal

1X with 2X digital zoom

Focus Range:
3 m to infinity

Frame Rate:
30 Hz

Recognition After Detection Range:
> 1400 m clean air